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Irresponsible Journalism Irresponsible Journalism
Irresponsible Journalism   Date: Sunday 05 November, 2006
Irresponsible Journalism
There was an article in one of the national sunday papers here today (5 nov) asking if the anorexic woman-hood shown by Victoria Beckham, Kate Bosworth, Nicole Richie et al is becoming the ideal desired by men

They interview several wealthy men who 'prefer' women that skinny

Of course this just feeds the BS, "oh if i was just a bit skinnier I could have a man like *insert name of rich guy*"

Well I'm not wealthy but I'm a man (checks again ... yeap, very male)
and i just want to stand up and shout
"I do *not* like women that skinny!!.
I am *not* attracted to women that skinny!!
victoria, kate, nicole etc are *not* attractive they are freaky scary looking"

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