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RifRafNew Zealand
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INSPIRED EXHIBITION   Date: Friday 08 June, 2007

INSPIRED EXHIBITION: Local artist •••• •••••, or RifRaf, is raising money to get to Israel in his next two exhibitions.

Reunion via art exhibitions


WARKWORTH ARTIST •••• ••••• has a goal behind his next two exhibitions.
He is trying to raise enough money to get to Israel to be with his girlfriend of 10 years.
Working under the name RifRaf, Mr ••••• has an exhibition in Tauranga from June 1 to July 27, and with various artists at the Bruce Mason Centre in Takapuna from August 1 to 28.

Mr •••••, whose ancestors were Puhoi settlers, describes his work as figurative, not quite realistic but not completely abstract either.
He says, he follows a strong theme that is a reaction to the distorted contemporary female image shown by the media.
He says his work celebrates the beauty and strength that is women and proof that she doesn't have to be a perfect size six to feel and be strong, self-confident, and desirable.

He notes his grandmother as his inspiration, who, he says was a keen artist on canvas and china.
Raising money to get to Israel has been a goal for a while, but he says he hopes to get there after these two exhibitions.
"The sooner I can get there the better," he says. "I'll probably move there permanently. It's a huge step and a long way from here."

• To view some of his work, visit .

Or you can go here to donate .

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